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Our Story

We started our journey in 2018. And looking back it has been an awesome ride with lots of ups and downs. But whatever be the situation, we were always trying to move forward.

KISANGYM is the pioneer agricultural magazine in India, which has readership of more than 10 million.

KISANGYM is an exclusive platform for sharing knowledge with farmers, scientists, business groups and administration for better rural India.

KISANGYM is an exclusive platform for organic farming in India, we are supporting and guiding farmers for organic farming.

KISANGYM is an exclusive platform for providing Health Yoga Fitness knowledge.


To educate the Indian farmers about the progress that agriculture is witnessing in India and to make them aware of using the modern technologies and products in the farm.

Serve as a responsible interface between the industry and the Government and also between the Industry and Research Institutions/Farming Community and NGOs.

To support the use of agrochemicals in a judicious way and also to promote organic farming for sustainable agriculture.


To connect the farmers with experts in research, technological advancement in agriculture and allied sector.

To act as a platform for the dissemination of knowledge for the betterment of agriculture and allied sectors.

To contribute for the development of agriculture and allied sector by introducing them to various schemes and polices through KISANGYM network.


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Organic Farming, Organic Food, Organic Products, Fitness Franchise Opportunity in India – Own a Gym – KISANGYM

Benefits of organic products

Organic Farming, Organic Food, Organic Products, Fitness Franchise Opportunity in India – Own a Gym – KISANGYM. Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices. Organic agriculture is a unique production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity, and this is accomplished by using on-farm agronomic, biological and mechanical methods in exclusion of all synthetic off-farm inputs.