Organic Farming
Professional organic farmers are giving tips

Professional organic farmers are giving tips

Organic Food
Organic Food

Tips From Professional Organic Farmers That’ll Work Wonders In Your Own Garden

Use of crop rotation, animal manure, including green manure, legumes, natural minerals and biological pest controls are important elements used in modern day organic farming systems.

Organic farming has become a runaway success, posting sales in the billions, showering eager consumers with naturally grown vegetables, fruits, and meats, and showing no signs of becoming a niche market again. Naturally, many people want to emulate that success in their own gardens. But what strategies from a commercial farm will work in your backyard? Here are nine suggestions organic farmers have for home gardeners.

  1. Ready The Soil
  2. Sterilize Your Homemade Compost
  3. Prioritize The Garden Over Everything Else (Even the Lawn)
  4. Expect To Lose Some Of Your Crop To Pests
  5. Use Non-Chemical Pesticide And Fertilizer Alternatives
  6. Get Back In Rhythm With The Seasons
  7. Don’t Start With Tomatoes Right Away
  8. Buy Organic Seeds
  9. Get A Stirrup Hoe

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